OpenTekhnia is one of the two creators of O3S (Open System Simulation Solution), a tremendously beautiful tool for systems testing, IV&V, diagnostic and maintenance. While O3S has been chosen by customers like General Electric Transportation for testing large scale railways systems, the latest versions brought new features able to answer not only simulation needs, but also command and control ones. As a development tool, but also a command and control system, O3S targets, for example, robotics engineering with the ambition of being the ultimate brick of embedded systems building. O3S widely uses open source software and is open sourced to our customers.

Committed to customer's needs

"OpenTekhnia brought new ideas and technologies to our railways system developments and was always committed to answer our needs. More important is the fact that, further to gather new ideas from them, they bring them to life in an efficient and quick way."
Denis M., Chief architect GE Transportation

Who we are

Since 2008, OpenTekhnia designs and develops solutions for building high complexity embedded systems. Committed to the lowest cost for the best quality, we succeeded in shaking the simulation tools French market when we talk about testing or IV&V. In 2011 we started exploring new horizons, based on our simulation technologies: command and control (O3S is basically a command and control system) and GUIs design and development.

We love technology

High Technology know-how could be considered by some people as the fact of mastering perfectly one specific domain. For them, we are proud to say that we master simulation for embedded systems. However, we are even more proud to know a lot about any technical subject more or less related to computer engineering. Open mindedness is much more efficient than high specialization. Having some knowledge on "scale-free" networks (see for example BarabasiLab) could be more helpful than being able to code in 132 different programming languages.